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Elastic cam rotor moving pump truck or trailer type diesel engine cam pump
Model: MPC-ERP
Self-priming height: ≤8 m
Head(BAR): 30
Flow rate (m³/h): 1500
Materials: Pig iron, stainless steel
mobile, trailer, fixed
Product Description
Product description:
Product Name: Elastic cam rotor moving pump truck or trailer type diesel engine cam pump
Product model: MPC-ERP
Flow head: flow rate 100~1500m3/h, head 5~30m
Structure: mobile, trailer, fixed
Self-priming height: self-priming height ≤ 8 meters
Diesel engine brands: Weichai, Quanchai, Shangchai, Cummins, Beijing Internal Combustion Engine, Germany Deutz, South Korea Doosan, Hertz, Weifang Longxin and so on.
Working condition:
1) Ambient temperature ≤ 50 ° C, medium temperature ≤ 100 ° C, suitable for outdoor use.
2) The medium PH value of the cast iron material is 6 to 9, and the 304 material is 2 to 14.
3) The weight of the medium does not exceed 1300kg/m3.
4) The length of the suction pipe is ≤16 meters, and the self-priming height is ≤9 meters. Structural composition and advantages
Main applicant:
Mainly used in flood control and drought relief, emergency rescue, municipal drainage railway vacuum suction system, oilfield field transportation system, sewage lifting system, animal husbandry special conveying system, printing and dyeing sludge treatment system, diesel engine fire pump system, etc.
ERP elastomeric cam rotor pump, attributed to a positive displacement pump. The purpose of conveying liquid is achieved by periodic transformation of a plurality of fixed volume conveying units in the working chamber; the mechanical energy of the prime mover is directly converted into pressure energy for conveying the liquid by the pump; the flow rate of the pump depends only on the volume change of the working chamber And its frequency of change in unit time, and (theoretically) has nothing to do with the discharge pressure; in the process of working, it is actually through a pair of synchronous rotating rotor to achieve the purpose of conveying materials. Compared with centrifugal pumps, etc., the flow stability is good, the efficiency is high, the self-priming ability is strong, and the range of the conveying medium is wide.
Prouduct Structure
Model meaning:
MPC-mobile pump truck
2F - 2 or 4F - 4
ERP-elastic cam rotor pump
1500-flow, 1500m3/h
30-lift, 30m
SC15G500D2/330-diesel model, 330kW
Working Condition
Working condition:
1.ERP elastic cam rotor pump is a positive displacement self-suction rotary volumetric pump. Its working principle is as follows: take the three-blade 60° rotating rubber cam rotor as the core. When the power drive transmission shaft transmits torque, the drive shaft drives the gearbox. The pair of synchronous gears and the two rotors fixed on the pump shaft move relative to each other, so that the suction end of the pump generates a vacuum, and the discharge end forms a load pressure to achieve the purpose of conveying the liquid medium. When the pump rotates continuously, under the relative action of the rotor, the pump shaft is discharged by six full-load liquid medium every time it rotates.
The steering of the power machine determines the direction of the pump conveying medium, and can realize the positive and negative suction and discharge. The flow rate of the pump is proportional to the pump speed within the specified speed range.
2.MPC-ERP series elastic cam rotor moving pump truck or trailer type diesel engine cam pump (referred to as rotor pump truck) is developed by Better Technology Co., Ltd. in combination with cam rotor pump technology and diesel engine drive technology applied in petrochemical industry. A new product with excellent self-priming performance and excellent sewage performance.
Performance Parameters
1、Quick start pump cover:Integral casting, surface hardening. The pump cover is easy to open, which is convenient for inspection and replacement of parts inside the pump body. Achieve real online repairs.
2、wear plate and wear bushing:Protect the pump casing from wear and increase the life of the pump. The material is made of wear-resistant material.
3、Cam rotor:The spiral rotor adopts five-axis machining center high-precision CNC machining to optimize the rotor-type three-dimensional optimization design. The rotor is coated with nano-composite rubber, with smooth pulsation, high precision, high dynamic balance precision, low vibration and high efficiency.
4、Shaft seal:Mechanical seals, depending on the transport medium, choose mechanical seals of different materials and forms.
5、The pump shaft:The closed structure design completely separates the conveying medium from the pump shaft, ensuring long-term stability of the pump operation.
6、The overall casting pump casing: It is made of nano anti-wear and precision machined by integral casting with minimal error. The material is available in grey cast iron, cast iron or stainless steel.
7、Intermediate isolation chamber:The intermediate isolation chamber isolates the overcurrent pump chamber and the synchronous gear chamber. It prevents the media from contaminating the gear, and prevents the lubricating oil in the gear cavity from contaminating the medium, and at the same time functions to lubricate the mechanical seal.
8、Bearings and synchronous gear:The synchronizing gear is housed in a separately sealed gear chamber. Synchronously driven gears ensure that the cam rotors operate synchronously with low friction, accurate transmission and long life.
1、MPC-ERP series elastic cam rotor moving pump truck can transport a variety of viscous and particulate-containing fluids without clogging, no entanglement, and no pulsation; the pump has a large flow range, the rotor pump has a compact structure and a small footprint; the rotor pump has A wide range of rotor types are available for low pulsation and efficient delivery.
2、MPC-ERP series elastic cam rotor moving pump truck can run in both directions (motor drive), reverse conveying, positive suction, reverse can flush the bottom or clear the tank; the shaft of the rotor pump is not in contact with the fluid medium, the rotor wear resistance Good; the pump cavity gap is adjustable, there is no need to replace the spare parts immediately after wear, the gap is adjusted to restore the performance of the pump, and the spare parts cost is saved by more than 50%.
3、MPC-ERP series elastic cam rotor moving pump truck can be repaired online and easy to repair; the rotor pump chamber has an isolation chamber filled with lubricating fluid, the lubricating fluid can not only lubricate the mechanical seal, but also can play the role of seal monitoring; the rotor pump is large The shaft diameter design avoids the rotor wear caused by the shaft offset; the unique balanced container seal is designed for the harsh working conditions, which has a long service life and reduces the frequency of shutdown maintenance. Rotary pump vacuum drainage technology can be used to absorb water without water or vacuum assistance. The suction height is 8.5 meters and the water supply time is less than 10 seconds. It can be pumped, liquid and solid three-phase mixed, without minimum liquid level restriction. Bottom water (mud).

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