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Centrifugal type diesel water mobile pump
Model: HMPC-IS 
Flow rate(m³/h): 10~800
Head(BAR):  8-80
Self-priming height: ≤9 m
Materials: Pig iron, stainless steel
Product Description
Product description:
Product Name: centrifugal type diesel water mobile pump
Product model: HMPC-IS
Brief introduction: Flow rate 10~800m3/h, head 8-80m
Self-priming height: self-priming height ≤ 9 meters
Structure: trailer, mobile, fixed
Diesel engine brands: Weichai, Quanchai, Shangchai, Cummins, Beijing Internal Combustion Engine, Germany Deutz, South Korea Doosan, Hertz, Weifang Longxin and so on.
Working condition:
1) Ambient temperature ≤ 50 ° C, medium temperature ≤ 100 ° C, suitable for outdoor use.
2) The medium PH value of the cast iron material is 6 to 9, and the 304 material is 2 to 14.
3) The weight of the medium does not exceed 1050kg/m3.
4) The length of the suction pipe is ≤16 meters, and the self-priming height is ≤9 meters.
Main applicant:
1.municipal sewage disposal projects, municipal emergency drainage, flood control and drought relief projects, farmland irrigation projects, etc.
2.The HMPC-IS series centrifugal type diesel water mobile pump is a successful product based on the conventional end suction pump. The centrifugal type diesel water mobile pump integrates high suction stroke, high flow rate and high lift. It is driven by a diesel engine and has a unique design through the pump body and impeller flow passage. And irrigation water. The centrifugal type diesel water mobile pump can absorb and contain impurity liquids with small particle solids (particle diameter not larger than 10mm), and can be widely applied to municipal sewage and flood control projects, agricultural irrigation, and the like.
3.The centrifugal type diesel water mobile pump has the advantages of convenient movement, rapid use, super self-priming performance, high efficiency and energy saving.
Prouduct Structure
Model meaning:
H-high suction strong self-priming
MPC-mobile pump truck
2F - 2 or 4F - 4
IS-high efficiency end suction pump
100-inlet diameter, 100mm/1
65 – outlet diameter, 65mm / 1
Q480/29-diesel model, 29kW
Working Condition
Working condition:
1.HMPC-IS series centrifugal type diesel water mobile pump mainly consists of vacuum auxiliary device, diesel engine power package, diesel engine special fuel tank, pump transmission system, equipment base, self-priming pump assembly, rainproof device and starting device. , starting power supply unit, inlet pipe assembly, outlet pipe assembly, four-wheel mobile trailer system.
2.The self-priming height of the self-priming pump is generally about 5 to 6 meters. At present, there are few manufacturers in the pump industry that can achieve self-priming pump suction stroke of more than 6 meters Better(China) Technology Co.,Ltd can The suction height is 9 meters. We named the self-priming pump as a vacuum auxiliary pump.
3.HMPC-IS series centrifugal type diesel water mobile pump is China Better Technology Co., Ltd. added a vacuum auxiliary device based on the end suction pump to shorten the self-priming time and enhance the self-priming height. So it is also called vacuum auxiliary pump.
4.The working principle of the HMPC-IS centrifugal type diesel water mobile pump is that only the starting end suction pump is required before the work. After the start, the vacuum system can be automatically put into operation, and the inductive sensor of the vacuum system is provided. After sensing that water is sucked up, the vacuum assist system can be automatically stopped. At this time, the pumping water can be independently completed by running the end suction pump. The vacuum assist system can also use the manual function. If the self-priming distance is long, the manual start-stop function can be used, so that the vacuum system is always in the state of pumping air to help the end suction pump to improve the self-priming capacity, so that the end suction pump can The suction performance is greatly improved.
Performance Parameters
Item name Qty Note
Diesel engine package 1set Match the pump
Diesel engine fuel tank 1pc Better Technology Co.,LTD.
transmission system 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
equipment base flame 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
End Suction Pump Assembly 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
rainproof facilities(IP65) 1pc Outdoor type, two-door wing door design.
starting device 1pc Better Technology Co.,LTD.
starting power device 1pc Camel Brand
Silent muffler 1pc Come with
starting device 1pc Instrument display, key switch, ignition start
Inlet pipe assembly 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
Outlet pipe assembly 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
fast lifting device 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
Four wheel mobile trailer system 1set SUV vehicle tires, traction systems, steering mechanisms, parking brake systems
Optional parts:
Vacuum assist device
Each inlet (set) of the inlet pipe is equipped with: 1 wire-lined hose, 1 set of Paul quick connector
Each outlet (set) is equipped with: 1 roll of blue water hose and 1 set of Paul quick joint.
1 absorption filter.

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