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Trailer mounted pump
Model: MPC-ZWC
Capacity(m3/h): 100
Head(BAR): 30
Suction Height: ≤6 m
Materials: Pig iron, stainless steel
Product Description
Product Summary:
Product name: trailer mounted pump
Model: MPC-ZWC
Specification range: Capacity: 10~800m3/h, head: 8~80m
Structure: Trailer mounted, mobile, fixed type
Engine brand: Weichai, Quanchai, Shangchai, Cummins, Beinei, Deutz, Doosan Infracore ,Hatz Longxin
Working condition:
1)Ambient temperature less than 50℃, medium temperature less than 100℃, suitable for outdoor.
2)Medium PH 6~9 for cast iron,2~14 for stainless steel.
3)medium density less than 1050kg/m3.
4)suction pipe length less than 12m, suction height less than 6m.
Main applicant:
Municipal sewage treatment projects, municipal emergency drainage, flood control and drought relief projects, farmland irrigation projects, etc.General description: MPC-ZWC trailer mounted pump, based on the research of domestic and foreign technology again and again, has been developed and successfully applied to the European and American markets. The trailer mounted pump integrates self-priming and non-blocking sewage discharge. It adopts diesel engine to drive axial reflow and external mixing, and through the unique design of pump body and impeller, it does not need to install bottom valve and water diversion when using. The trailer mounted pump can discharge liquids containing large particles of solids and fiber impurities, and can be widely applied to municipal sewage and flood control projects, agricultural irrigation,etc.The trailer mounted pump has the advantages of convenient movement, rapid use, good self-priming performance, strong sewage discharge capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, etc.
Prouduct Structure
Model meaning:
MPC-mobile pump truck 
2F:2 wheels
capacity, 100m3/h
head, 30m
engine model: Q480
Working Condition
Working condition:
1. MPC-ZWC series trailer mounted pump mainly consist of diesel engine power, diesel engine fuel tank, transmission system, equipment base, self-priming pump assembly, rainproof facilities, starting device, starting power device, inlet pipe assembly, and outlet pipe assembly, two-wheel mobile trailer system, fast lifting device and other components.
2.A liquid storage chamber is arranged in the volute of the self-priming pump, and the medium communicates with the pump working chamber through the pump cavity and the circulation hole in the pump cavity to form a medium axial reflow external mixing system. After the pump stops working, a certain volume of liquid has been stored in the pump chamber due to the action of the check valve.
3.When the pump is started, the medium of the pump chamber is driven by the high-speed rotary gas-liquid mixing of the impeller, and the medium entrained with air is thrown upward by the high-speed tangential line. When it reaches the liquid storage chamber, the sudden volume increases, so that the medium is separated from the air, and the liquid passes through the gas. The liquid separation tube is returned to the working chamber of the pump, and the gas is discharged outside the pump, so that a certain degree of vacuum is formed in the pump to achieve the purpose of strong self-priming. If the vacuum auxiliary device is also provided, a faster, reliable and efficient self-priming function can be realized.
Performance Parameters
Item name Qty Note
Diesel engine package 1set Match the pump
Diesel engine fuel tank 1pc Better Technology Co.,LTD.
transmission system 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
equipment base flame 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
self-priming pump assembly 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
rainproof facilities(IP65) 1pc Outdoor type, two-door wing door design.
starting device 1pc Better Technology Co.,LTD.
starting power device 1pc Camel Brand
Silent muffler 1pc Come with
starting device 1pc Instrument display, key switch, ignition start
Inlet pipe assembly 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
Outlet pipe assembly 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
fast lifting device 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
two-wheel mobile trailer system 1set SUV vehicle tires, traction systems, steering mechanisms, parking brake systems
Optional parts:
Vacuum assist device
Each inlet (set) of the inlet pipe is equipped with: 1 wire-lined hose, 1 set of Paul quick connector
Each outlet (set) is equipped with: 1 roll of blue water hose and 1 set of Paul quick joint.
1 absorption filter.

Model Caliber Capacity Head Power
  (mm) (m3/h) (m) (KW)
MPC-ZWC 80-80-35 80 80 35 15
MPC-ZWC 80-40-50 80 40 50 18.5
MPC-ZWC 80-50-60 80 50 60 22
MPC-ZWC 100-100-15 100 100 15 7.5
MPC-ZWC 100-80-20 100 80 20 7.5
MPC-ZWC 100-100-20 100 100 20 11
MPC-ZWC 100-100-30 100 100 30 22
MPC-ZWC 100-80-45 100 80 45 30
MPC-ZWC 100-80-60 100 80 60 37
MPC-ZWC 100-80-80 100 80 80 45
MPC-ZWC 125-120-20 125 120 20 15
MPC-ZWC 150-180-14 150 180 14 15
MPC-ZWC 150-180-20 150 180 20 22
MPC-ZWC 150-180-30 150 180 30 37
MPC-ZWC 150-180-38 150 180 38 55
MPC-ZWC 150-400-25 150 400 25 55
MPC-ZWC 200-280-14 200 280 14 22
MPC-ZWC 200-280-20 200 280 20 37
MPC-ZWC 200-300-8 200 300 8 22
MPC-ZWC 200-280-28 200 280 28 55
MPC-ZWC 200-280-63 200 280 63 90
MPC-ZWC 200-350-65 200 350 65 110
MPC-ZWC 200-400-32 200 400 32 55
MPC-ZWC 250-400-50 250 400 50 90
MPC-ZWC 250-450-55 250 450 55 110
MPC-ZWC 250-550-32 250 550 32 75
MPC-ZWC 250-420-20 250 420 20 45
MPC-ZWC 300-500-50 300 500 50 110
MPC-ZWC 300-500-55 300 500 55 132
MPC-ZWC 300-600-15 300 600 15 55
MPC-ZWC 300-800-16 300 800 16 55

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