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Sewage rescue drainage diesel water pump
Model: MPC-HWC
Capacity(m³/h): 9000
Head(BAR): 22
Power(KW): 555
Materials: Pig iron, stainless steel
Product Description
Product description:
General description:Capacity:100~9000m³/h,Head:3.5~22m
Structure:Trailer mounted, mobile, fixed type
Engine brand:Quanchai、Shangchai、CUMMINS、Weichai、Deutz、Beinei、FIAT、Longxin, etc.
Product Description:
1. Transmission mode:
There are direct drive and variable speed drive. The model (power, speed) of the power unit should be specified when ordering to determine the specifications of the coupling or pulley.
2. Pump direction:
See from the direction of the diesel engine as a clockwise rotation (the 650HWC--5, 7, 10 positions rotate counterclockwise.)
Working condition:
1)Ambient temperature less than 50℃, medium temperature less than 100℃
2)Medium PH 6~9 for cast iron,2~14 for stainless steel.
3)medium density less than 1050kg/m3.
4) Need to install bottom valve, irrigation water or vacuum assist, pump suction head less than 6 meters, suction pipe length less than 16 meters.
Main applicant:
MPC-HWC series sewage rescue drainage diesel water pump is a mobile pump developed by Better Technology Co., Ltd. based on large-flow mixed-flow pump. MPC-HWC series sewage rescue drainage diesel water pumps are horizontal, single-stage, single-suction, volute-type mixed flow pump sets. It is suitable for conveying or draining water, rainwater or sewage. The temperature of the medium to be transported should not be higher than 100 °C. The sewage rescue drainage diesel water pump has strong maneuverability and convenient movement. It is widely used in rural farmland irrigation and drainage, urban sewage treatment plant sewage, industrial large-flow low-lift circulating water, construction and transformation of municipal sewage pipe network, and reconstruction and expansion of old pumping station. Water circulation in lakes, industrial drainage and urban flood control and drainage.
Prouduct Structure
Model meaning:
MPC-mobile pump unit 
2F -2wheels or 4F-4 wheels
800-inlet,outlet 200mm/10
SC27G830P2/555-diesel engine model,power 555kW
Working Condition
Working condition:
1.MPC-HWC sewage rescue drainage diesel water pump is diesel engines high-efficiency mixed flow pump for horizontal, single-stage and single-suction. It is mainly composed of diesel engine package, speed reduction mechanism, mixed flow pump, rainproof cabinet and two-wheel trailer (four-wheel trailer). The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, reliable use and convenient installation, and has direct transmission and variable speed transmission.
2.MPC-HWC sewage rescue drainage diesel water pump working principle:When the prime mover drives the impeller to rotate, the action on the liquid has both centrifugal force and axial thrust, which is a combination of the centrifugal pump and the axial flow pump. Diesel engine mixed flow pumps are highly efficient and can be used economically with the same pump with large head or variable flow.
Performance Parameters
Item name Qty Note
Vacuum assist device 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
Diesel engine package 1set Match the pump
Diesel engine fuel tank 1pc Better Technology Co.,LTD.
speed reduction mechanism 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
equipment base flame 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
Mixed flow pump assembly 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
rainproof facilities(IP65) 1pc Outdoor type, two-door wing door design.
starting device 1pc Better Technology Co.,LTD.
starting power device 1pc Camel Brand
Silent muffler 1pc Come with
starting device 1pc Instrument display, key switch, ignition start
Inlet pipe assembly 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
Outlet pipe assembly 1set Better Technology Co.,LTD.
Two (four) wheels mobile trailer system 1set SUV vehicle tires, traction systems, steering mechanisms, parking brake systems
Optional parts:
Vacuum assist device
Each inlet (set) of the inlet pipe is equipped with: 1 wire-lined hose, 1 set of Paul quick connector
Each outlet (set) is equipped with: 1 roll of blue water hose and 1 set of Paul quick joint.
1 absorption filter.

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