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Flood control and drought-resistant emergency mobile pump
Model: MPC- FPDR /2F-100ZWC100-30-Q480
Self-priming height: ≤9 m
Head(BAR): 5~200
Flow rate(m³/h): 300~3500
Materials: Pig iron, stainless steel
Product Description
Product description:
With the acceleration of the pace of national social civilization construction, urban towns and towns have become more and more perfect in all aspects of emergency plans. Because emergency rescue and conventional maintenance operations have many special features, such as: the suddenness of the event, the urgency of the rescue, the complexity of the work surface, the safety of the operation, the randomness of the construction environment, and the environmental protection of the work site. The arbitrariness of time, long working hours... This puts higher and more professional requirements on the corresponding equipment.
Working condition:
1) Ambient temperature ≤ 50 ° C, medium temperature ≤ 100 ° C, suitable for outdoor use.
2) The medium PH value of the cast iron material is 6 to 9, and the 304 material is 2 to 14.
3) The weight of the medium does not exceed 1050kg/m3.
4) The length of the suction pipe is ≤16 meters, and the self-priming height is ≤9 meters.
Main applicant:
1. There is no fixed pump station and no power supply area;
2. Assault flood control;
3. Drought and rescue;
4. Agricultural irrigation, aquaculture;
5. Various temporary pumping occasions;
6. Coffering pumping;
7. Industrial and municipal drainage.
Prouduct Structure
Model meaning:
MPC- FPDR /2F-100ZWC100-30-Q480
MPC-mobile pump truck
FPDR-Flood prevention and Drought Relief
2F - 2 or 4F - 4
100-outlet diameter, 100mm/1
100-flow, 100m3/h
30-lift, 30m
Q480/29-diesel model, 29kW
Working Condition
Working condition:
1.The flexible mobility and high-performance of the MPC-FPDR flood control and drought-resistant emergency mobile pump developed by Better(China) Technology Co.,Ltd have been used by more and more enterprises and institutions to prevent floods and rescue units from using the mainstream.
2.When the rescue mission arrives, a flexible and reliable mobile pump truck can achieve drainage and drainage within 15 seconds to one minute after arriving at the scene. Greatly improved the efficiency of emergency rescue. The so-called emergency rescue, the most important is an "urgent", a "grab". Urgent is the urgent task of the rescue, you need to arrive at the scene in the first time; grab the time of the rescue mission, use the fastest speed to rescue the danger after arriving at the scene, the first time to lift the crisis.
3.In response to the needs of the market and customers, Better(China) Technology Co.,Ltd has newly developed the MPC-FCDR  flood control and drought-resistant emergency mobile pump, and assembled environmentally-friendly low-noise and sound-proof cars on the chassis. The tank can be equipped with end suction pumps, sewage pumps, vacuum pumps and other pumps suitable for different working conditions. At the same time, it is equipped with a generator set. The top of the car can be equipped with LED lights and other warning lights, flashing lights, etc.; it is equipped with mechanical legs and cable reels, sewage pipes and so on.
4.The MPC-FPDR  flood control and drought-resistant emergency mobile pump has strong maneuverability and truly realizes the concept of mobile water pump. The equipment can meet the needs of emergency drainage and rescue, and has the function of mobile power supply; it is equipped with mechanical support legs to ensure the stability of the whole vehicle during construction work; The equipment can work normally and reliably, and has good ventilation and heat dissipation functions. The MPC-FPDR  flood control and drought-resistant emergency mobile pump has a water depth of 600mm, which can meet the rescue work in deep water areas. It has a power output function to meet the needs of 230/400V electricity. Lighting can meet the needs and safety of night operations.
5.MPC-FPDR flood control and drought-resistant emergency mobile pump have flexible movement, fast deployment and withdrawal, less input personnel, strong adaptability, low labor intensity and fast response speed, which improves the comprehensive support performance of urban disaster relief.

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