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"Occasion, another Success", the 2018 New Year launch will be successfully concluded.
January 15, 2018, Better Technology Co., Ltd. 2018 New Year launch will be held in Quzhou Wohua Manor Grand, the meeting summed up the 2017 company's development process, during the period is also encountered some big and small problems, But under the leadership of the company's chairman Row Wallow and all the company's staff unremitting efforts to successfully solve all the problems, looking back on the past, Better Technology Co., Ltd. re-innovation high.
Before the start of the start, the company organized 2 team activities, leggings activities and guessing activities, and then enriched the staff's rich interests and interests at the same time also effectively make the company team more friendly and united, so that employees really feel the warmth of the Better family, but also set up a wealth of prizes.
At the end of 2 events, the company's chairman, Luo, announced that the 2018 New year launch would be officially opened.

New Year, New journey, Better Technology site delivery of red envelopes:
Review 2017, Better Technology Co., Ltd. and then we make unremitting efforts, the company for another 2017 years to achieve a successful result, which also appeared a large number of employees silently pay, pay always return, "Welcome the New Year, and then create success", the company affirmed the staff at the same time, the meeting site on the spot to send New Year's red envelopes, Let employees feel the warmth of the Belle family at the same time.

Welcome to the New year, the military writ are full of confidence and sign a 2018-year target.:
The New Year has come and the Better are ready for the new year. The market is the battlefield, the horn has sounded, we will cooperate sincerely, loyal to the action, the way, never back down! Sign the military writ for the 2018 target.

Farewell 2017, Outlook 2018, Better Technology Co., Ltd. New Year launch will be successfully concluded:
At this point, Better Technology Co., Ltd. in a harmonious, warm and joyful atmosphere to a successful conclusion. Farewell to the success of the 2017, ushered in a hopeful 2018. Looking forward to the New year, let us go hand in hand, together to the brilliant 2018 years!

Better Technology and technology into the New Year, the new journey, happy welcome year, the new era of progress:
Happy New Year, forge ahead. 2018 has come, review the past, for the creation of Weili cheers, look forward to the new year, do not forget to first heart, continue to forge ahead! Better Technology Co., Ltd. into the New Year, open a new journey! Big Wish in Heart, Heart has a mission! No great dreams, no great times.!