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About Better

Better Tecnology Co., Ltd as professional manufacture for the mobile pumps, like the irrigation mobile pump, flood control mobile diesel pump, emergency rescue drainage diesel water pump and others mobile pumps

Better Tecnology Co., Ltd also have the main products are submersible fire pump, city emergency drainage pumps, diesel fire pumps, gas top pressure fire water supply equipment, catering oil-water separation equipment, tank fire booster pump integrated regulator water supply equipment, B series submersible sewage pump, AST Building Civil dedicated sewage pump series, WQ, QW series submersible sewage pump, ISG, IRG, IHG, ISGD series vertical pipeline pump, ISW, ISWD series of horizontal centrifugal pumps, DL Vertical multi-stage pump, GDL type will be demolished multi-stage pipeline pump, LG, LG-B type will be demolished high-rise building water supply multi-stage pumps. The company's main products are in line with high-tech fields supported by the state.

Better Tecnology Co., Ltd also attaches great importance to the introduction and training of talents and the research and development of products. By the end of 2014, 33.3 % of the employees had a college degree or above, of which 17.8 % were directly engaged in research and development. From 2012 to 2014, the company invested 1.7554 million yuan in research and development, accounting for 6.31 % of sales revenue. At the same time, the company actively carried out research and development of new products and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In the past three years, it has obtained 11 utility model patents, 1 invention patent and completed 13 transformation of scientific and technological achievements. With the continuous implementation and strengthening of various policies and measures supported by the state for enterprises, in order to further expand and strengthen enterprises, while carrying out scientific and technological innovation and tackling key scientific and technological problems, we submitted an application for accreditation of Quzhou high-tech enterprises in July 2015 and have established the ISO 9001 quality system, which is scheduled to pass certification within this year. In 2016, we applied for the patent demonstration enterprise, science and technology demonstration enterprise and national high-tech enterprise of Quzhou City. We believe that with the company's various scientific and technological honors, we will definitely take the company's wings.

In the next step, we will also make full use of the opportunity of the great development of the capital market to increase the proportion of direct financing of enterprises. It is planned to carry out the shareholding system reform at the end of 2015, explore employee stocks and raise funds from the society, and strive to be on the new board. The purpose is to let social capital and employees share the fruits of corporate development.

The company's short-term goal is to become a landmark enterprise in one or several sub-sectors of the domestic pump valve industry, and its long-term goal is to go to the international market and participate in the construction of the silk road economic belt.

Luo Weihua, chairman of the company, sincerely welcomes people from all walks of life to visit and guide the company and discuss the development plans of the company.

After more than ten years’ development, Our various certificates was awarded from government agencies and society. We have a professional research and development team, and our products have already obtained utility model patent certificates and design patents certificate. Our factory has a production license, certified from SGS by the government, and an export license. We also have many honors, such as the vice-chairman of Quzhou Network Association's enterprise, and the cooperative enterprise of Quzhou College and University. We are also a member of Wenzhou's business, Quzhou Disabled People's Foundation. All our products meet the mechanical industry standard JB / T 5118 - 2001.
Culture Concept
Value proposition
Energy saving, electricity saving and high reliability
To build the enterprise group of water pump and water treatment system solutions that are most respected by customers
To provide the world with the best water pump and water treatment system solutions, so that human beings can enjoy a high quality life!
Value Innovation Struggle Win-win
Development strategy
Implement high-quality manufacturing and provide products and services with high cost performance
Research Strength
Research and development concept
Better Technology CO., LTD insists on carrying out the strategy of scientific research and development with the core of improving product competitiveness.
Financial security
The company has continuously increased investment in scientific and technological transformation and scientific research, insisting on 8 % of sales revenue as development funds for products, providing strong financial support for high-tech products.
Factory Show
Better Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It is located in the navigation and development zone of Zhejiang Quzhou, covers an area of 20,000 square meters and a factory building of 15,000 square meters. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development, manufacture and sale of general fluid equipment.
Joint research with institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, cooperates with famous foreign pump and valve companies such as Korea Hyundai pump industry and Japan mita co., ltd, introduces international advanced design, development and enterprise management model, and has hired domestic and foreign pump and valve experts to provide technical guidance for the company for a long time. In March 2014, our company signed a five-year contract for pump product design and technical service with Zhejiang University of Technology.
Company History
February, established a factory in Wenzhou

Annual sales reached 20 million
Establish technical cooperation with Korea Hyundai Pump industry and famous Japanese companies
Cooperate with famous domestic B2B company to establish Chinese station
Move the factory from Wenzhou to Quzhou

Established Quzhou Bellevue Explosion-Proof Motor Co., Ltd.

Independent development of gas top pressure fire water supply equipment
Established subsidiaries, main products: valves

Better plant located in the Port Industrial development zone, expansion plant to 20000 square meters

Establishment of Better English International station

Independent development of EDJ fire system, and marketing throughout the country and abroad

Independent development of urban emergency pump truck, and marketing market

The company's college education accounted for 33.3% of the total number of employees, including direct R & amp; D of scientific and technological personnel accounted for 17.8% of the total number of employees

The company invested a total of 1.7054 million yuan in R & amp; d costs, accounting for 6.31% of sales revenue

Joint research and development of high efficiency air conditioning pump with Zhejiang University of Technology

Obtained Quzhou high-tech enterprise